Everyone’s life has been touched by major illness

There are millions of survivors among us. Our family members and friends have suffered from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc. The intrusion of these diseases into our lives leaves a trail of incomprehension.

They have a way of reaching out and touching just about everyone; some harder than others. Depending on your age, you may have been personally touched already, and survived. You may have friends or relatives that have not, or are currently battling these common killers.

If you have trouble with expenses over and above your medical treatment, we can help. The Toledo Clinic Foundation can help with rent, utility bills, child care,transportation, etc.





The psychosocial impact of cancer is far reaching. It touches the lives of everyone around the patient.

Our mission is to provide financial assistance for patients of the doctors at the Toledo Clinic who are currently undergoing treatment and are in financial need.

Can you help our patients?

If you can help us help our patients, please consider making a tax deductible gift. Use the Make a gift button at the top of the page to make a gift online or send a check made out to The Toledo Clinic Foundation to us at 4235 Secor Rd, Toledo, OH 43623.